Customer Testimonials

What our customers say about Riaflex, our powerful, supreme grade joint products...

Riaflex has received a large number of glowing testimonials from customers who are delighted with the results of Riaflex products.

Because Veterinary Medicine regulations do not permit us to publish testimonials which claim or suggest therapeutic, remedial or preventative outcomes, we apologise to our customers for the heavy editing of their testimonials below.

Started my 18 year old horse on Riaflex Complete for his arthritis and seeing amazing results - fantastic product he now thinks he is a 5 year old again!!

Paula Saunders-Spokes

I have an elderly terrier who has a joint problem in her front leg which causes her to limp. Since I have put her on Joint PlusHA there is no sign of a limp. I am absolutely thrilled. Many thanks for an excellent product.

Julia Parsons
Canine Joint PlusHA

I am sure you hear this all the time, but I just cannot believe how fantastic Riaflex is. My almost 8 year old Lab is now totally Metacam free after using Joint Plus, Green Lipped Mussel & Devils Alternative. More importantly he now has no limping or stiffness in his toes in the morning. Thank you!!!!

I also foster dogs for a very small rescue and we have recently taken in an elderly Lab x Collie. He is on Rimadyl, for arthritis & could barely walk 100meters when he came to us. Now with the use of Riaflex he is able to walk for 40 mins and jump over small logs.

Thank you so much. My dogs are now in amazing condition thanks to your products!

Lorna Van Zee
Green Lipped Mussel, Devils Alternative & Canine Joint PlusHA

Bruno developed a common joint problem at the age of 13 and despite extensive care he showed little improvement. So we decided to try Riaflex CompleteHA and the difference in him is significant. We are now hopeful that he can be given a couple more good years of the ridden work he so much enjoys, so thank you Kate.

Janet George
Canine Joint PlusHA & CompleteHA

My horse of 20 years sadly suffered from a severe injury in 2006. After thinking I had tried everything thankfully, a friend recommended I give Riaflex Complete a go, and within 1 month she has astounded us all. You would never know she had such a severe injury, when watching her move. I put the wonderful condition my horse is in down to Kate, and want to thank her for giving me my horse back. Her advice was invaluable.

Jacqueline Ireland & Nellie

I read with interest your informative website and decided to give Riaflex a go for my horse who was diagnosed with a condition in both hocks in 2006. To my delight my horse is now competing at novice dressage. I am so impressed with the results that Riaflex have given.

Emma Slawinski & Ruby, West Sussex

I just wanted to thank you for your extremely prompt delivery service! Riaflex has given my dog her youth back and I have found that her light limp has even disappeared!! I have only got you to thank, so thank you once again for all your help

Kerry Fowler

Many thanks again for your fantastic Canine Joint Plus product. We thought we had tried everything until we found Riaflex. Joint plus is doing wonders.Thank you once again for all your help.

Liz Kordula
Canine Joint PlusHA

I just wanted to write and tell you what a difference Riaflex Complete has made to my mare 'Africa', who suffers with several very common joint problems in her hocks, and coffin joints.

I put the wonderful condition Africa is in now down to Kate and Riaflex Complete. It has made such a huge difference to her quality of life so Thank you so much Kate for your fantastic product and your excellent customer service.

Nichole Waller & Africa