Customer Testimonials

What our customers say about Riaflex, our powerful, supreme grade joint products...

Riaflex has received a large number of glowing testimonials from customers who are delighted with the results of Riaflex products.

Because Veterinary Medicine regulations do not permit us to publish testimonials which claim or suggest therapeutic, remedial or preventative outcomes, we apologise to our customers for the heavy editing of their testimonials below.

I used the Joint Plus HA on my 2 lovely old labradors. I would thoroughly recommend Riaflex products. The advice you can get from the Riaflex team is invaluable to

Julie Bowron
Canine Joint PlusHA

My dog & my horse are both on Riaflex & I wouldn't use anything else now. My 9yr old Labrador has elbow dysplasia and has ACL issues. Joint plus HA definitely helps him to feel more comfortable and active. Within weeks of using it he was noticeably happier & livelier. My 14 yr old mare is training and competing in all phases, moving well and very happy. These products are better than others I have tried previously and I would confidently recommend Riaflex to anyone. Thank you Kate!

Kate Harpin
CompleteHA & Canine Joint PlusHA

Our 13yr old boy has been taking GLM & Joint Plus HA for a few years now and is a different animal. He was at the stage where he struggles to get up and after a couple of months of Riaflex supplements was tearing around the fields and not aching from arthritis.

Mandy Geroge
Canine Joint PlusHA & Green Lipped Mussel

I just wanted to say firstly what great products these are and what great value for money. Great customer service as well. I use the Flex HA for myself and can really notice the difference.

Dean Garrett

I would highly recommend using Riaflex. My horse went through surgery to remove none chips in his stifle back in 2019. At best the vet said he would be a happy hacker after recovery. 6 months post surgery we started to give Riaflex. To our amazement we were able to lightly school him and 2 years later he is now competing at Medium affiliated dressage. Thanks Kate for all your help.

Amy Timpson

Brilliant customer service - highly recommend!

Peter Knowles

Hi there. Thought I’d let you know how our pony is going since we started adding your Complete HA to her feed, which is roughly two months ago. WOW WOW WOW!!!!Thank you ☺️ . What a transformation.We are amazed how much more relaxed and supple she is. I have now purchased your human product for me. Many thanks!

Vanessa Hitchings

Hi. I thought I would send you this message to say how over the moon I am with equine complete joint care. I have owned Alfie since May 2015 (16hh Andalusian gelding). In March 2019 he was x rayed which showed numerous bone chips. He had surgery to remove all the fragments and the vets said at best he would make a happy hacker.It is now summer 2020 and the vet is amazed at his recovery. He's back out competing in dressage. I also suffered from stiff back in the mornings (had struggled to put my socks on so started using the Flex HA joint pain January 2021 (had been using a different product) I now can put my socks on standing on one leg in the morning.

Shelley Timpson
CompleteHA & FlexHA