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About Riaflex

Riaflex was founded by Kate Williams, an established sports and equine therapist with a wealth of experience.

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We are Riaflex and we’re breaking the mould in the supplements industry

Riaflex is a family owned, UK based business, dedicated to improving the health & lives of you, and your pets & horses. It was founded in 2006 by Kate Williams, an established sports and animal practitioner with a wealth of experience in treating and rehabilitating joint injuries and disease.

We are so proud to have always put quality formulations above and beyond anything else. To have never wavered on our ethos or integrity.
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Why we created Riaflex

Kate’s own passion for horses and her knowledge in joint rehab drove her to want to provide the absolute best joint care for her horse. But 16 years ago this simply didn’t exist and so she set out to break the mould.

To become the person who cared more about providing exceptional joint care than profit margins. Believing we make a real difference to you and your animals lives is what drives our passion in manufacturing the Riaflex product range.

We offer higher levels of active ingredients because it ensures we really do make a difference to yours and your pets lives.

The difference between good and great is our drive to provide the absolute best joint care out there. We break the mould with our passion!
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Our pets deserve the very best in joint care

Our determination to never falter on our ethos has enabled us to bring to market a superior range of joint care products where quality and effectiveness is placed above and beyond anything else.

Never give up hope! Always believe there is something out there that will make the difference. Try us...we promise you won’t be disappointed!
Riaflex Joint Care Products in A Group

Made with passion and tubbed with Love!

Our vision was to create the very best joint care range out there, that would provide quality products lead with integrity, at affordable prices. And so that’s what we did.

Made with passion, backed by science & tubbed with Love we are devoted to helping all dogs, cats, horses and people with joint stiffness, lead more mobile lives.

A word from Kate
Kate Williams, Founder of Riaflex

I believe everyone deserves the very best in Joint Care. And so I created it! I chose to put quality & effectiveness before profit margins. I chose to never waiver from my ethos. I chose dedication to what I believe in so that I could help others. It’s been so worth it!

Kate Williams, Founder of Riaflex
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