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Riaflex was setup by Kate Williams, an established sports and equine therapist with a wealth of experience.

Riaflex is a family owned, UK based business, dedicated to improving the health of you, your dogs, cats, and horses. Riaflex was founded in 2006 by Kate Williams, an established sports and animal practitioner with a wealth of experience in treating and rehabilitating joint injuries and diseases.

Whilst working with professional athletes, both human and equine, I discovered to my amazement that I could not find a triple equine or canine joint supplement that provided adequate dose levels for effective joint care. Even more surprising was that leading brands seemed to be the biggest offenders, providing daily levels of active compounds that would give little benefit particularly for those horses or dogs with existing joint issues.

Kate Williams, Founder of Riaflex

Riaflex brings significant benefits to human and animal joint health

It is a well known fact that Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM can be significantly beneficial to human and animal joint health. But its effectiveness is entirely conditional on administering an adequate daily level, which is why we offer higher levels of active ingredients than other brands.

And so the Riaflex range was born; a selection of powerful, supreme grade joint products formulated to provide the best possible joint care for you, your horse and your pets. Kate has developed a range of unique and effective products that we believe are unrivalled by any other brands, providing care for existing joint problems and to help maintenance of performance in competition and working horses and dogs.

Through Riaflex products, caring horse and dog owners can now afford to give their animals the very best!

Range of Riaflex Products

Together with our total commitment and dedication to animal health we provide an honest and affordable product range, of the highest specification with un-compromised quality. Your animals health and working career are paramount and Riaflex products have been formulated with this as the utmost priority.

Kate Williams, Founder of Riaflex

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