Customer Testimonials

What our customers say about Riaflex, our powerful, supreme grade joint products...

Riaflex has received a large number of glowing testimonials from customers who are delighted with the results of Riaflex products.

Because Veterinary Medicine regulations do not permit us to publish testimonials which claim or suggest therapeutic, remedial or preventative outcomes, we apologise to our customers for the heavy editing of their testimonials below.

My dog is a German Shepherd, male and now seven years old. A couple of years ago he developed a severe limp and the vets diagnosed acute arthritis,confirmed by several Xrays, to both front shoulders. He was put onto pain killers and anti inflammatory tablets and I was told that he would be on them for life. A friend gave me half a tub of Riaflex MSM and after a week of using the MSM I took him off all other medication. The results were amazing, no more limping and a dog that can run play and do anything a healthy dog can do. Only yesterday he chased a rabbit,flat out across a large field and there was not a trace of any discomfort, then or since. All thanks to your excellent product.

Thank you again.

John Davies

I've just received my repeat order of Joint PlusHA for my dog Pippa.

I thought you might like to hear that Pippa's had a breakthrough in week four and she now gets up without limping and can enjoy longer walks again! Needless to say I am absolutely delighted and would like to thank you for creating a fantastic product that is genuinely designed to help pets.

Canine Joint PlusHA

I said I would let you know how my dog is after using your Joint Plus HA. He had an accident while we were on holiday a couple of months ago and was limping badly. Well I am so thankful for your product he is no longer limping and at 12yrs is moving so much better. I have just ordered some more.

Thank you for everything. I have a happy lab once more.

Canine Joint PlusHA

I have an elderly terrier who has arthritis in a front leg which causes her to limp. Since I have put her on the Joint Plus HA there is no sign of a limp. Absolutely thrilled, many thanks for an excellent product.

Julia Parsons
Canine Joint PlusHA

I purchased products from you for my westies with coat and hip problems and I can now say that at long last I have found something that actually works. All three dogs have returned to good coat condition, I have just trimmed them all and there are no bald patches or itchy skin. The dog with the hip problem is moving very well now and I hope to return her to the show ring next year. I have recommended your products to a friend who has westies with skin problems she has started feeding the supplements so hopefully she will see the same results as me. Thank you for your advice and I shall be re ordering again soon.

Happy Customer.

Ralph Filmore

I am so pleased with this product I cant believe the difference it has made to our Labrador Inkerman - he is like a young 3 year old again full of beans and vitality and not at all stiff - thank you. I am now going to try the equine equivalent for my trusty 21 year old mare.

Canine Joint PlusHA

It's been quite some time that I have been using your product Riaflex Complete HA. My horse Connor has struggled with arthritic changes in his hocks since he was 10 years old. About 3 years ago, I retired Connor from ridden work due to his increased stiffness.

Since using Riaflex his joint flexibility has improved significantly, so much so that 5 months ago I started riding again! And two weeks ago we had our first riding lesson in many many years.

I recently requested an independent nutritional report as Connor had lost condition. I had to document everything about him. The report concluded many things but significantly that Riaflex was a very good supplement and that I should continue to use it.

I just wanted to thank you so much for your product and I have my horse back again. Something I didn't believe could happen. Many many thanks.

Louise Helsdown

Well physio thinks a miracle has happened. After being on holiday for 4 weeks she came out to Indy yesterday and just couldn't believe the difference in her. She has gone from being 7/10 lame to being able to trot a 20m circle soundly on both reins, and I now have permission to take her out walking. So thank you so so very much Kate. I was thinking I would have to retire her as the vets had advised and I was so upset at the thought of having to find another horse that I thought I'd give Riaflex ago. And here we are with my Indy back.

Gail Bateman

I can't thank you enough for what your products are doing for my girl. She couldn't get up without assistance when I spoke to the lovely Kate on the phone. Lilah means the world to me and I will be forever grateful to you for how much this stuff is helping her. If anyone s reading this debating putting an order in, do it already. You won't regret it and will be writing a similar thank you, probably within days

Suzanne Kealey